Most of us want to be happy and comfortable in life, but what if staying comfortable was the very thing keeping us from our happiness?

In Choose Resilience, speaker and emotional intelligence speaker, Jen Shirkani challenges the notion that comfort always equals good and she inspires readersto break out of their safe spaces to achieve the personal and professional lives of their dreams.

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en Shirkani is a nationally recognized expert on emotional intelligence and a featured speaker at national and state conferences, universities, government agencies & at business organizations around the world.

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More About The Book

With the backdrop of her own story of struggle woven throughout, in her book Choose Resilience, author Jen Shirkani shares helpful strategies for overcoming personal challenges with motivation, optimism and stress tolerance. Readers learn the importance of leaving their comfort zone behind in order to reengage in life and gain more confidence by learning to get comfortable with risk.

After working with hundreds of organizations and thousands of employees, Jen has seen the power of emotional intelligence build interpersonal strength, stamina and resilience. This book provides a motivating and inspiring message and helps readers see how maintaining a healthy level of challenge and struggle can enable everyone to be more powerful at work, and in every aspect of life.

Also the author of Ego Vs. Eq

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